Unpleasant odors have been a problem since ancient times. Back then, they used bamboo charcoal to purify the air. Today, we face the same bad smells, yet we choose to pollute the air with chemical sprays! Now there’s CHARCO CLEAN™, a modern-day version of a time-tested solution.

CHARCO CLEAN™ contains all-natural, air-cleaning charcoal in a convenient pouch that you can put anywhere bad smells like to linger. Put one in the bathroom and one near pet beds and litter boxes. Keep basements from smelling musty or garbage cans from stinking up the house. You can even use CHARCO CLEAN™ in the refrigerator because it absorbs moisture, helping prevent mold and bacteria from forming. And because it’s all-natural, CHARCO CLEAN™ is fragrance free, chemical free and completely non-toxic, which makes it completely safe for small children and pets, too.

Science has rediscovered what our ancestors always knew: Charcoal naturally absorbs even the most noxious fumes, making air clean and clear once again. And here’s the best part: It even recharges in sunlight!

100% Natural

100% Natural

All natural air-cleaning
charcoal in a
convenient pouch

Strong Adsorption

Chemical Free

No harsh chemicals,
all-natural, fragrance free
and non-toxic

Naturally Absorbs

Naturally Absorbs

Moisture helping to
avoid mold and
bacteria from forming



Expose to direct sunlight at
least once a month to
rejuvenate the charcoal

Five Star Reviews!

Five Stars!

"I am pleasantly surprised that the activated charcoal odor eliminator really works. The first purchase was placed near two cat litter boxes. The odor is gone, so I'll be making a second purchase for the refrigerator. I highly recommend giving one a try."

Five Stars!

"My toddler son makes the bathroom smell when he pees outside the toilet. This is exactly what I was looking for. This product has helped out removing scent greatly. I will definitely order more of these for all the stinky places in my house."

Five Stars!

"I used to use baking soda to remove the odor in my fridge, which works fine. The major drawback is it needs to be replaced every month. This works as effectively as the baking soda but it is much easier to maintain. If one also takes the cost per year into consideration, this product is definitely a keeper."

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